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Artwork by Phyllis Howard

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About Phyllis Howard

Phyllis Howard You can find my work on display year round at the Whatcom Art Market located in Bellingham's historic Fairhaven district at 1314 Twelfth Street, Bellingham, WA (Open Mondays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 10am to 5pm). Prints of my artwork are also available in a variety of sizes through Fine Art America.

I create art as an imaginative outlet, often to capture either a design or color or some visual expression. I frequently see something that sparks an interest and the process begins. Recently someone mentioned they were looking for paintings in black and white of trees and that triggered an idea. I love trying out new pieces and new techniques.

I work with graphite almost daily. It is such a simple, familiar medium and I sketch whatever catches my imagination and on anything including envelope backs and napkins. In my process, I usually make multiple sketches prior to beginning the actual piece trying out different compositions and light sources. When I have decided on a composition, I make a final sketch on graphite paper scaled to the dimensions of the support. Many of my graphite pieces have been completed while relaxing, watching TV in the evenings. Animals are usually my subjects for graphite work and I enjoy adding a splash of color as the artist in me gets to decide where to add it, thereby transforming a piece from an illustration into an artistic rendering.

Working with color pencil is similar with the exception that I consider the colors needed, how to attain those colors, what type of application is needed to achieve the effect. My preference is to use very saturated colors since I like vibrant shades. I want my color pencil pieces to have enough depth of color that it appears to be a painting rather than a drawing.

My paintings are done in acrylic. I am a devotee of this most versatile medium and use it like watercolor or as a heavy impasto and all types of applications in between. Again my paintings begin with sketches on paper and then the composition is transferred to a canvas, board or wall in the case of murals. In my textural collages I love using transparent colors laying them down keeping the translucent quality so light appears to glow through the color.

Currently I am using thicker paints, incorporating acrylic mediums and gels into my work and developing a freer style which is becoming even more fun. I am enjoying creating more abstract work with a great deal of texture and am foraging into "wall sculptures."

As an artist I continually grow and morph and explore. That is the great beauty of art - you never arrive but continue developing.

Jansen Art Center ~ Lynden, WA Feb - Mar, 2015
Whatcom Art Market ~ Bellingham, WA on-going

"Art is the colors and textures of your imagination." ~Meghan, Los Cerros Middle School, 1999